PTFE valves and seals


Ball valve seats

PTFE is an ideal material for ball valve seats due to its low coefficient of friction against metals, chemical inertness and general effectiveness as a sealing material. The PTFE materials chart below lists the various grades which can be used for ball valve seats:

Seat Code  





Virgin PTFE

 Virgin PTFE is a common seat material used in many ball valves. Its chemical compatibility is excellent for almost all applications 



PTFE+15% Glass

 Reinforced PTFE. 15% glass reinforced PTFE offers good chemical resistance and improved cycle life. Glass also serves to reduce creep and deformation

 Chalky white 


PTFE+25% Carbon

PTFE with carbon fibres offers increased hardness for enhanced performance. The material has exceptional chemical and heat resistance, offering superior abrasion and wear resistance with a low coefficient of friction for reduced valve torques




A high performance engineered thermoplastic. Excellent choice for high pressure and high temperature service. Offers excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance and is unaffected by continuous exposure to hot water or steam



PTFE+50% Stainless Steel 

This composition combines the strength of SS with the lubricity of PTFE. 50% 316 stainless steel powder combined with 50% PTFE by weight, (15% SS by volume) offers excellent abrasion resistance with higher pressure and temperature ratings than regular PTFE


PTFE Ball Valve Seat, PTFE Seal

PTFE seals


Poly Fluoro offers PTFE seals, spring energized seals, hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals, high pressure seals and rotary seals.


Our CNC capabilities and design facilities allow us to analyse your exact application and help you design the seal to suit your requirement. Our extensive knowhow on the material itself allow us to help you identify the correct grade of PTFE as per the coefficient of friction and wear requirements of your application.


Key advantages of PTFE seals include:

         Excellent gliding characteristics due to low friction

         Wear resistance can be improved by proprietary fillers

         Very good in sealing most of chemicals

         High extrusion resistance

         Good thermal conductivity

         Full range pf sizes available

         Easy fitting

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